Women Driving Jobs: Women Drivers Needed in California

Rideshare Driving Jobs for Women at Women Driving WomenGetting to and from medical appointments or getting children to and from school are two of the popular services non-drivers are looking for in a ride-share driver.

As news stories continue to arise about female drivers and passengers of international rideshare services experiencing personal safety issues, Women Driving Women offers a unique gender-based, personally-designed rideshare program. Safety and comfort are Women Driving Women’s top priority for both drivers and riders alike.

Women Driving Women is currently looking for women independent contract drivers in San Diego County and Sonoma County, California.

Riders who use the Women Driving Women service are women of all ages but the bulk of the riders are seniors and children. Ninety percent (90%) of rides are needed between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., but Women Driving Women drivers can offer services outside of these times.

Women Driving Women Independent Driver Requirements:

• A clean and respectful professional demeanor.
• A clean driving record with a valid CA driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.
• Access to a SmartPhone or tablet with a GPS system.
• A clean 4-door car that no one uses for smoking (preferably a sedan).
• Business and entrepreneurial-minded.
• Demonstrate strong communication skills to convey information to customers in a simple and unambiguous way.
• Excellent people and customer service skills.
• Knowledge of the community in which you currently reside.
• No criminal convictions and the ability to pass a background check.
• Pass the Membership Application Pre-testing.
• Texting, emailing and voicemail capabilities.
• The ability to download and use apps (for reporting and pay purposes).
• The patience of a saint.
• Understanding of an Independent Contractor arrangement.

​All Women Driving Women Independent contractor drivers must be trained before being allowed to receive rider referrals. Training will include ride-along drives, how to report your rides, how to calculate the fees for both transportation and assistance fees, being self-employed, and more.

​Women Driving Women donates 10% of company profits to charity.

If you are a man, you can drive with Women Driving Women under the Men Driving Men Department where we match you with male riders.

Do you think driving with Women Driving Women might be for you?

Please visit the Women Driving Women Become A Driver page here to find out more about women driving jobs.