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Women Driving Women offers rideshare transportation connection services to women, children, and seniors looking for personal transportation on a regular basis. WDW member drivers offer a safe, friendly, low-cost alternative to Uber or Lyft.

All rider members are matched to a personal driver who lives in their zip code. This is the same driver who will pick up the same rider each time they need ride assistance.

WDW member drivers require a 48-hour notice for ride requests and they offer an exclusive door-to-door service to safely accommodate member rider needs.


Women Driving Women Errand ServicesSometimes WDW members require extra assistance–whether it’s getting in and out of the car or getting checked in at a doctor appointment.

Women Driving Women member drivers offer assistance at a rate of $5 for 15 minutes.

Some WDW member drivers also run errands, so if you need your prescriptions picked up from the pharmacy–no problem! We’ll connect you with a driver who offers this service. Errand rates are the same for assistance, plus miles driven to run the errand.

Please note that Women Driving Women can only approve a new rider member’s application if there is already a driver member available in the rider’s zip code. Women Driving Women cannot guarantee there will be a driver available to meet a rider applicant’s transportation need. Once a membership is approved and a rider-driver connection is made, all WDW member riders must work directly with their personal member-driver.

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