Senior Transportation in San Diego County

Senior Transportation in San Diego CountyHave you stopped driving? Or do you want your aging mother to stop driving?

You don’t know where to turn for solutions?

Let Women Driving Women help you figure out what San Diego County senior transportation service is right for you or your mom.

Too many drivers are under the mistaken impression that reliable quality transportation services are easily accessible for non-drivers–especially seniors. Too many adult children of aging parents believe when a parent stops driving, there’s plenty of transportation options (like the paratransit buses they see driving around San Diego County) that will drive a parent to wherever they need to go. Unfortunately, this is not true for many San Diego County residents and those living in areas where a Paratransit service doesn’t operate.


There are also specific eligibility requirements to use Paratransit services. In San Diego county, you must be certified as ADA eligible. At the assessment interview, the rider will be asked to assess their ability to use a Bus fixed-route service. (Source:

Bus Services

San Diego county offers several fixed bus routes throughout the county, but they are limited in routes and times and are notoriously unreliable. There’s the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System which is the public transit service provider for Central, South and East San Diego County and the North County Transit District BREEZE system which operates 34 bus routes in the northern portion of San Diego county from Del Mar, Escondido, and Ramona, to the Orange County and Riverside County. The bus and trolley routes are scheduled to run every 15 minutes but are known to run late. Riders have been known to sit at a bus stop waiting for a bus that never arrives. Plus, the fact that many of the bus stops don’t have any protection from the elements.

If your parent lives in a city like San Diego where there is a pretty regular bus service, they may be able to get to where they want to go. However, they still have to deal with getting to and from the bus stop to their chosen destination. They can’t purchase very much from the store because of the difficulty in carrying bags while walking several blocks or more to and from a bus stop. Destinations like Clairemont, La Jolla, and Serra Mesa, San Diego regional transit run a limited bus route along only certain main roads. If a senior lives well beyond the bus routes, they face how to get to and from the bus stop, which defeats the purpose of using a public transit service.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System also has a Trolley system that connects San Diego’s east and south county communities with the Downtown San Diego region. There are three main trolley lines that operate between 5:00 am and midnight, seven days a week. Monthly Senior/Disabled/Medicare 30-Day passes cost $23.00. (Source: Metropolitan Transit)


The new ridesharing trend with companies like Uber and Lyft have to lead to more transportation choices for seniors who no longer drive. However, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft require a smartphone or the ability to access their website to book rides. In a survey by AARP, only 29 percent of those over 50 had used ride-hailing apps. Two-thirds said they weren’t likely to do so in the coming year, citing in part concerns about safety and privacy. (Source: New York Times)

But beyond the technical requirements to use Uber or Lyft, seniors are taking a chance by riding with a stranger and not the same driver each time they need a ride. Seniors have no say in their choice of driver and having a permanent regular driver they enjoy.

Utilizing a rideshare service means you or your mom don’t have to let go of your independence. Setting aside money for a rideshare service instead of owning a car, and all of the costs associated with one can end up saving money depending on how much you drive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance!

Women Driving Women for Seniors

Here at Women Driving Women of  San Diego, we understand that seniors need access to safe, reliable transportation to maintain their independence and quality-of-life. Women Driving Women is the alternative to Uber and Lyft in providing affordable, door-to-door, and door-through-door rides for San Diego County seniors. Every rider gets a permanent driver–no riding with strangers. Your driver books all trips, so you don’t have to mess around with a Smartphone app or a website booking page. And Women Driving Women drivers must pass a stringent background check. You or your mom can safely get to the places you need by becoming a member of Women Driving Women.

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