Become a Women Driving Women Driver

Become a Women Driving Women DriverCurrently, we are looking for wonderful women drivers in San Diego County and Sonoma County, California who would like to expand their rider base.

Women Driving Women driver members provide transportation for women of all ages but the main rider clientele is seniors and children.

Ninety percent (90%) of rides are needed between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m, but some driver members do offer transportation services outside of these times.

Women Driving Women Member Driver Requirements:

  • Review the WDW website, complete the information requested below, and be prepared to answer some additional questions during your screening.
  • Own a cell phone or tablet with a GPS system that you know how to use.
  • Access to apps (for reporting and payment processing purposes).
  • Texting, emailing and voicemail capabilities.
  • Great people skills.
  • Good, clear, and effective communication skills.
  • A clean 4-door car that has not been smoked in–preferably a sedan.
  • Knowledge of the community in which you currently reside.
  • Clean, professional demeanor.
  • The patience of a saint.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Entrepreneurial.
  • No criminal convictions.
  • Understanding of an Independent Contractor arrangement.

Membership Application Pre-test

√ To begin the process of becoming a WDW member driver, take the pre-test below. ​If all is good, you will be contacted about next steps.

√ ​All WDW member drivers must be trained before being allowed to be connected with WDW rider members. Training will include ride-along drives, training on how to fill out daily logs, how to calculate the fees for both transportation and assistance fees, and more.

√ If you are a male, you can become a driver connection under the WDW Men Driving Men Department.  You can apply in the same way as described above.

√ Why do we split up men and women?  We sometimes assist with medical appointments, and same-sex is a better fit for the member being assisted.

√ ​Women Driving Women donates 10% of profits to Dear Ole Dad’s Safe Haven Monastery, Inc., which helps abused women, children, and animals.

√ Want to help your favorite charity? Become a driver-member and you can donate your driver proceeds to your favorite charity.


Please note that Women Driving Women will approve a new driver member’s application if qualifications are met even if there aren’t any current rider members in the driver’s zip code. Women Driving Women cannot guarantee there will be rider connections available to meet a driver’s business need. Every effort will be made to find and approve rider members when riders are not available. Once a driver membership is approved and a rider-driver connection is made, all WDW member riders must work directly with their personal member-driver.