Insights from WDW Member Satisfaction Survey

Insights from WDW Member Satisfaction SurveyAre Women Driving Women members enjoying their memberships? Are members satisfied with the services WDW provides?

Women Driving Women conducted a survey to evaluate the services WDW provides and highlight areas that may need improvement.

Women Driving Women always strive to provide the best private rider/driver experiences in Sonoma County and San Diego County. Regular surveys are an essential part of meeting that goal.

Ultimately survey results provide current Women Driving Women members and prospective members a window into membership satisfaction rates and what others think about Women Driving Women.

Roughly 73 responses from WDW members and non-members alike answered questions about topics that ranged from rating the services Women Driving Women offers, navigating the Women Driving Women website, reasons for needed a private driver, or joining WDW, and even reading the WDW newsletter. 33% of the survey respondents have been acquainted with Women Driving Women for at least two years, 35% for one year, 17% less than 6 months, and 15% are long-term WDW members.

Keep Reading for a Snapshot of the WDW Member Satisfaction Survey Results.

WDW Member Satisfaction Survey Results - Length of time Respondents have known about WDW Pie Chart

The WDW Member Satisfaction Survey revealed that 66% percent of respondents are very satisfied with the services offered by Women Driving Women. 20% would like to see WDW expand into other counties, 11% love the companionship of their regular WDW Driver, and 3% noted how much they enjoy not having to think about driving in heavy traffic.

Several WDW Rider members expressed the importance of riding with someone whose personality they enjoy and who they can relax while riding around together. One WDW Rider member wrote, “I value the fun personality of my driver more than anything. She has a very comfortable car and always an interesting story to share with me. She’s terrific! Our personalities match perfectly. Thank you.”

Some WDW member Drivers also shared why they enjoy driving WDW member Riders. One WDW Driver stated, “I really enjoy driving because I get to travel around the county, while safely providing a loving and enjoyable experience for my riders who are like family to me–all while working and earning a little extra money.”

Reasons WDW Member Riders Gave for Choosing Women Driving Women–

• To ensure my teenage daughter had a consistent driver to and from school while I traveled.

• Safety and having the same driver.

• Maintaining my independence and active lifestyle without having to bother my kids.

• Being able to go out in the evening.

• I have a mobility issue and I need assistance making it to regular appointments.

• It’s convenient, affordable for me, and I like the driver I was matched with. I consider her family.

When it comes to the Women Driving Women website 16% of the survey respondents feel the site is a very high-quality site, 50% think is a high-quality site, 15% don’t have an opinion either way, and 19% would like to see more images and stories about drivers and the members.

Reasons WDW Member Drivers Gave for Choosing Women Driving Women–

• I actually like driving WDW members. I’d rather be doing this than sitting in an office all day.

• I like that I’m my own boss and I feel like I am helping people in my community.

• My riders are entertaining and sometimes they bring me little gifts. My life is better for knowing these people. They mean the world to me.

• I like that everyone involved has to pass a background check which makes it safe for both drivers and riders.

• My riders love that they don’t have to own a Smartphone and I like managing my rides myself. It’s a win-win for us.

Here are some more of the respondent’s comments on improving Women Driving Women–

• It looks like a great idea.” — La Mesa survey respondent.

• One suggestion: When a child is asked by the WDW member driver to ride along with a child from another family, a discount should be extended to each family for the added for the extra passengers.” — Sonoma County survey respondent.

• I’m still thinking about using WDW, but my friend loves the service.” — San Diego survey respondent.

• I wish you offered this as a pet service too like for taking dogs to the dog park every day or to the vet when needed.” — Sonoma survey respondent.

Are you interested in adding your thoughts to a WDW survey? You can do so by visiting the WDW Latest Survey Page here. If you are a Women Driving Women newsletter subscriber, we also feature the latest survey as they are released.