August Featured Driver Lorraine Houser

Rideshare Driver Lorraine HouserLorraine Houser is a rideshare driver and an empty-nester known for her joie de vivre and fondness for Karate

Women Driving Women’s goal is to bring safe ridesharing experiences to both drivers and riders alike; making ridesharing for women, seniors, and kids more personal and less scary.

The drivers who choose to work with Women Driving Women share our vision and standards for specialized, individual ridesharing experiences for our members. At Women Driving Women, we dare to hold on to a dream of safer ridesharing experiences for everyone, but most especially women, seniors, and children.

To this end, we would like you to meet San Diego (92029) rideshare driver Lorraine Houser …

Lorraine Houser

Lorraine Houser became rideshare driver after finding herself to be an empty nester. Her main reasons for becoming a driver is that she loves helping people and making a bit of extra money, so why not become a rideshare driver? Besides being a people-person, Lorraine is patient, enjoys driving, and is always punctual.

Q: What has surprised you most about working as a driver for women?

A: My clients are very appreciative, interesting, and they keep me on my toes.

Q: What’s the best/worst thing to happen since you started ridesharing?

A: In the beginning, I would overbook myself and on top of that traffic would happen, leaving even more crushed for time and making people wait. The saving grace was that I upset only one person, and I’ve become a better scheduler.

Q: What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

A: I received a Black Belt in Karate/Kung fu at the Shaolin Temple at the age of 50.

Q: What’s your superpower?

A: I’m pretty good at anticipating what people need, and I like to think I have a great sense of humor.

Q: Name three words that describe you:

A: 1. Funny. 2. Compassionate. 3. Motivated.

Q: What would be your personal motto?

A: Be happy!

When Lorainne decides to take some downtime, she enjoys watching sports of all sorts, reading, and doing puzzles.


Lorraine is a shining example of why Women Driving Women doesn’t partner with just any rideshare driver. Drivers like Lorraine believe in the WDW mission for safe rideshare experiences for all, a passion for helping people, driving people around, and playing an active role in defining the future of ridesharing. It’s why we love Lorraine!

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