Women Driving Women Media Kit & Brand Guidelines

Media Kit

The Women Driving Women logos are below, and screenshots of the Women Driving Women app are coming soon.

WomenDrivingWomen black border Logo 600x400px transparent
Women Driving Women with Black Border Logo 600x400px Transparent
Women Driving Women Logo with Site tagline 567x361px transparent
Women Driving Women Logo with Site Tagline 567x361px Transparent
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Photos of Renee Cooper

Founder Renee Cooper Square bio image 218x218px
Women Driving Women Founder Renee Cooper Square Bio Image 218x218px
Women Driving Women Founder Renee Cooper Circle Bio Image 220x223px
Women Driving Women Founder Renee Cooper Circle Bio Image 220x223px
About Renee Cooper

Renee Cooper started Women Driving Women after her experience driving for Uber and Lyft. Renee soon became aware that she felt more at ease driving for female passengers. And when she drove for women, they often said they were relieved to see a woman driver. Ding, ding! Renee quickly realized that having females on both sides of the rideshare experience made them feel safer.

Renee was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. Renee received her B.A. from The University of California in Irvine. She received her M.B.A from the University of Chicago in 1992 with a specialty in Marketing and Human Resources. Women Driving Women is Renee’s 4th successful business she has founded and managed.

Women Driving Women Media Use Guidelines

The Women Driving Woman founder, Renee Cooper, must authorize any and every use of the Women Driving Women logo or name. The Women Driving Women logo cannot be used for sales, apparel, merchandise, promotional, marketing materials, unauthorized social media accounts, in films, on videos, on the radio, on websites, podcasts, or for any use without Renee Cooper’s written express authorization before its use.

Guidelines on how to request permission to use the Women Driving Women logo or name:

• All requests must be in English through the Women Driving Women Contact form here.
• Name and contact information (email, URL & phone number) for the individual and company making the request must be included in the request.
• Provide a detailed summary of the reason for the request, where placement will occur, and the proposed use of WDW media assets.
• Date media asset is to be used and duration.
• Intended distribution channels (Website, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TV, etc.).

Company Information

Women Driving Women is an exclusive transportation service providing rides and or assistance to women, children, and seniors. It is a safe alternative to Uber or Lyft. All prospective members must pass a background check to be assigned their own personal driver. No computer or smartphone is required!

The Women Driving Women Mission

Our mission at Women Driving Women is to provide caring, safe, and secure rideshare experiences for women.


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