8 Reasons for Women to Use a Regular Ride Service

8 Reasons for Women to Use a Regular Ride Service Like Women Driving WomenRide-hailing companies have altered how many Californians view public transit services. However, the adoption of private female drivers and on-demand ridesharing services has not been evenly embraced by women.

Hiring a private driver or using on-demand rideshares is most frequently used by younger and wealthier women, but not their senior counterparts.

The main reason for this statistic is that seniors tend not to use smartphones, they don’t like the idea of riding with strangers, they worry about the cost, and they are concerned for their personal safety. The National Council for Home Safety and Security survey found that nearly 45 percent of female Uber and Lyft users prefer a female driver. But female drivers are harder to come by when you use an on-demand ride service. A little more than 20 percent of Uber drivers are women. Forbes reported 30 percent of Lyft drivers are female. (Source: ReWire.org)

Renee Cooper, Women Driving Women’s Founder, experienced first-hand what it’s like trying to find a woman driver, so she came up with the idea to tackle the shortage of women drivers and lack of choice for female riders to secure permanent, regular gender-based drivers across the ridesharing industry.

Top 8 Reasons for a Regular Permanent Driver

1. The Consequences of a DUI

Women Driving Women doesn’t judge any rider’s reason for needing to connect with a regular, permanent driver. We understand that a first offense DUI in California will impact your ability to drive. You may be able to continue driving if you are lucky enough to be granted an “IID restricted license,” which will require you to keep an ignition interlock device in your car for four months. Otherwise, as in many cases, you may receive up to a 6-month driver’s license suspension. A permanent, regular WDW driver can drive you to work or your appointments without anyone needing to know why you aren’t currently driving yourself.

2. Dealing With a Health Issue

Alcohol isn’t the only concern that can impair your driving ability. There are health issues that can make driving difficult or even dangerous, ranging from vision impairments to conditions that might affect your response time. Some of the medical problems that can impact driving are Cataracts, Dementia, Disabilities, Epilepsy, heart operations, heart attack recovery, acute coronary syndrome, medications, neurological conditions, physical injuries, and sleep apnoea–to name a few. A permanent, regular driver can drive you to work or your appointments without you having to worry about a temporary or permanent health condition.

3. Being On-Time for Appointments

When you have your own permanent, regular driver, they will monitor the time it will take you to get to your appointments or events on time. Women Driving Women connected drivers are very familiar with the roads in your area. They know the alternative routes for getting around chosen zip codes. Because of the route knowledge of your Women Driving Women driver, you won’t waste gasoline trying to find alternative routes to your destinations. And, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of parking once you arrive. Women Driving Women connected drivers are happy to deliver you right to the main entrance with ease. They even provide a door-through-door service if needed.

4. Enhanced Safe Transportation for Children

Many Women Driving Women connected drivers enjoy helping children and families. Women Driving Women understands the difficulties that working parents have providing transportation for their children to and from school and to extracurricular activities. On-demand ridesharing brings up safety concerns for many parents, rightly so, thus, Women Driving Women is dedicated to providing a permanent safe, trustworthy way to drive kids to and from where their parents need them to be.

5. Dealing with Vehicle Maintenance

When you utilize a driving service, you no longer have to deal with the costs associated with car ownership such as car loan payments, oil changes, tires, gas, parking, insurance, wipers, cleaning, and more substantial maintenance costs such as brakes and transmission servicing. This is especially true if you have an older vehicle that is beginning to cost more in maintenance over time. A permanent, regular driver takes care of their vehicle’s costs and maintenance.

6. Making New Friends

Recent studies have found that nearly half of people suffer from feelings of loneliness and social isolation. A lack of social connections is said to be as damaging to your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Women are more likely to live alone than men, and almost half of women over 75 live alone. Hiring a regular driver to take you, your mother or your child to and from regular appointments can be an aid in fighting feelings of isolation and depression. A permanent, regular driver is a way to connect with the community, and many riders think of their drivers as family and vise versa.

7. Safety for Your Elderly Mom or Grandma

Typically before retirees stop driving, they begin to cut back on driving and limit their trips to familiar nearby areas under perfect driving conditions. The sooner you introduce a safe, private driver as an alternative means of getting around, the more likely your aging mom or grandmother is to utilize the services of a driver for trips she has become too afraid to drive–long before she stops driving altogether. Introducing mom to a driver part-time makes it easier for you to convince her to give up her keys once it’s time for her to permanently stop driving. Coupled with the lack of safe and convenient transportation alternatives, hiring a permanent, regular driver keeps your mother safe and allows her to maintain her independence.

8. Errand Services

Do you or your mom needs help to pick up prescriptions, going grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or standing in line at the post office? Simple errands can turn into a never-ending list of tasks that can be overwhelming in today’s busy world. Women Driving Women connected drivers can provide errand assistance while you or your aging parent spend time completing other important tasks.

The are many reasons for using a private, regular rideshare driver, but the most critical aspect is being matched with one that is fully screened just for you. Knowing that your driver has been cleared through a background check and a careful evaluation process allows riders the comfort of knowing they will be well taken care of by their driver. When a Women Driving Women connected driver is pre-screened, you know that you, your mother, grandmother, or children, along with their personal property, will be in the care of someone trustworthy.

And with a personal, regular woman driver, you also know that, if something unfortunate does happen while being driven around, you or someone you love will have help immediately available.

To learn more about how a Women Driving Women connected personal driver can help you or your loved ones meet their driving needs, don’t hesitate to call Women Driving Women at 866-843-0983. You can also reach WDW through the online contact form by clicking here.

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