16 Tips to Be a Successful Woman Rideshare Driver

Tips to Be a Successful Woman Rideshare DriverWhat’s the key to being a successful woman rideshare driver?

If you are considering becoming a driver for a ridesharing service like Women Driving Women, or you have just started driving for a living, then you’re most likely curious about what you can do to set yourself up as a great driver.

Women Driving women has put together 15 suggestions to help you be a great woman rideshare driver.

16 RideShare Driver Suggestions for Women Drivers

1. Keep bottled water in an ice chest or someplace cool.
Sometimes you’ll get thirsty, and sometimes your rider gets thirsty. Having water available prevents you from having to make any unnecessary or extra stop for water. Offering water is a nice personal touch.

2. Have hand wipes and Kleenex-type tissues available.
Sometimes your passengers might leave an inner door handle sticky, or want to wipe their hands. It’s convenient to be able to offer some hand wipes or tissue if a rider has a runny nose.

3. Store a clean towel and paper towels.
During winter season riders can step in mud or spill coffee. Having something to help with clean up is a must.

4. Know your city and all major thoroughfares and detours if needed.
Know your city. Know all the routes to and from your destination. Don’t rely 100% on your GPS navigation in case you end up in a dry cell phone area or you need to avoid a sudden event that is blocking through-traffic.

5. Keep your vehicle clean, both inside and out.
Riders want to sit in a clean car. Need we say more?

6. A 2-way dash cam to record your drive.
Dash-cams are a smart investment for your security and the security of your passengers.

7. Keep air freshener nearby.
Air freshener keeps your car smelling clean and fresh. Make sure you use a product that isn’t overwhelming for those riders who are sensitive to scents.

8. Have a flashlight available.
You never know when a destination might not be well-lit in the evenings or early mornings during certain times of the year. It’s always good to have a flashlight handy to light the way.

9. An umbrella that shelters two people.
Sometimes rain can catch everyone off guard. It’s a nice touch to have an umbrella you can use to shelter your riders from the raindrops.

10. Have all-weather car mats.
All-weather mats are easy to clean and can’t be stained by mud.

11. Know where the clean public bathrooms are located on your routes (Target, Trader Joes, Taco Bell, grocery stores with public restrooms).
In case there’s an emergency, it’s good to know where safe, clean public restrooms are located.

12. Own extra device chargers or charger outlets.
You’ll want to be able to keep your smartphone charged, but if your rider has a smartphone, it’s helpful for them to be able to charge their phone if needed.

13. At dropoff, check the car for any items the rider is about to leave behind accidentally.
Besides not wanting to have to hang on to something or return to a location, always remember to get your passengers to check for items they may accidentally be leaving behind.

14. Keep cough drops handy.
Now and then people (including you) suffer from a coughing fit. It’s great to have cough drops handly just in case a coughing attack occurs.

15. Arrive on time.
It’s essential to always be on time from your pick-ups. You are expected to be dependable.

16. Have a small first-aid kit available.
As an added precaution, it’s good to keep a first aid kit in your car in case you or your passenger cut a finger and someone needs a quick bandaid.

Become a Women Driving Women Driver

We hope our sixteen suggestions have given you ideas of how to be a well-prepared driver. By using these tips mentioned here, you’ll be a great driver to your riders. If you aren’t currently a driver for Women Driving Women and you are interested in driving with us, call us or apply online to become a member today!

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