Women Driving Women is a female-focused membership-only rideshare connection company designed by women, for women, children, and seniors to offer female riders a more comfortable driving experience by pairing them with a permanent private driver. No computer or smartphone is required for riders!

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Once you become a WDW Rider member, you are connected with a local, personal Driver member. Your matched Driver is the same person who will pick you up and drop you off for all your appointments and errands. Drivers require Riders to book rides with a minimum 48-hour notice.

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Women Driving Women offers a female-focused Rider-Driver connection service for women, children, and seniors. WDW member Drivers can also assist with errands, deliveries, and rides to medical appointments. Do you need a prescription picked up? Let a WDW member Driver help!

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WDW approved Rider members are matched with pre-screened Driver members for private, regular ride service. The WDW annual membership fee is $25.00. Member Driver rates start at $2.25 per mile for women, $3 for children, & $1.75 for age 65+. Children, off-hours, & holidays are $3.00.

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