Women Driving Women

Women Driving Women Inc. is the safe rideshare for women, children, and elders. We are about half the price of taxi. Everyone must pass a background check. We are an exclusive membership, you must be made a member to get your own personal driver. No computer or smartphone needed!

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How It Works

Once you become a member, you are assigned a personal driver. This is the same person that will pick you up and drop you off for all your appointments and errands. Ride requests require minimum 24-hour notice.

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Women Driving Women offers transportation services as well as assistance and errands for elders.

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Our rates start at $1.75 per mile for women and children and $1.55 for seniors. Assistance fees are $5 for every 15 minutes.

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Ready to Get Started?

Call us or apply online to become a member today!

866-843-0983 San Diego County

800-277-1753 Sonoma County